A high school student entry: Grades and Test scores don’t define you.

I hate the view and the experience of college. Even though I don’t start college for a year, I honestly don’t want to go. Some people will disagree with me and be bewildered with the fact that why would you not want to enjoy the experience of college? I’m afraid. I’m afraid of losing my friends. I’m afraid that when I start college the information will go over my head. I’m afraid that if I don’t attend a university my parents will be ashamed and not be able to see my face as their child. Let me rephrase the fact, I don’t want to attend a university. I do not think I am ready to give up the high school experience which most people would yearn to give up. They choose college over high school to have freedom. Well in college no one is after your success or to motivate you unless you take the effort to care for the other person equally to you, and that my friend is only what a parent would give to you. So have the freedom, but at the same time you have to maintain the focus and determination to strive. This why I would love to chose community college right after high school.

I want to go to community college. There is nothing wrong with community colleges, why can’t I attend community college for basic classes I need to finish after high school? I feel that no one would care which college you would go to if there wasn’t such a thing as getting “accepted.” But since we are animals we have to understand that we LOVE to compete, it’s by nature. The finding of which college to go determines one’s intelligence or how well a person can play a sport or perform an art. And some people might think that I am a loser for typing this, and my GPA and test scores are not the best. You know what they might not be HARVARD QUALITY , but I have more to offer then the world then just numbers on a piece of paper. Numbers don’t define you, it’s the way you act as a person defines you. So I admit I am not ready for an university, and I don’t care if my parents are upset with my decision because at the end of the day it’s my life.

So to those people that are going to community college and are being made fun of. Just remember that many famous figures went to community college first, like our president Barack Obama. He never gave up, and that’s the important thing. Go to college when you’re ready, and enjoy the act of learning. Life is about learning, not the number you receive.


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