Rebels vs. Dreamers

 Rebels take action and dreamers just create dream. They both challenge tradion, and pursue to acheive the perfect society. They strive to reform the past and their main goal is to change. They believe in the beauty of nature, and that it should be spread everywhere. The finding of a new personal identity, because society is not letting people discover their ture identity. They behave naturally and not superficially, like children. Children act more natural, as we start to grow we try to shape our selves into society that doesn’t really make us feel happy. This my friend started as the Enlightenment period, the use of nature.


Stalin story:

Stalin had is guards stand outside his door for hours to make sure that no one would come to kill him during the night. As morning came the guards waited and waited and waited, but Stalin was 1 hour late in waking up. But the guards wouldn’t knock or come in because their orders were to remain outside and to protect stalin. they felt that if they went inside they would be killed. They spent hours wondering what happened to him, until finally one of the solidiers decided to take the risk just to knock. They yelled later “COMRADE STALIN, COMRADE STALIN, COMRADE STALIN!.” Stalin died in bed due to a severe heart attack. The lesson portrayed is that if the guards had acted naturally they could have taken action to save Stalin, and Stalin was immensly paranoid that his orders were taken in a literal sense as in not to disobey. Considering this situation, I believe Stalin could have lived longer if he had trusted his guards for the better or the worse.



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